The purpose of technology and artificial intelligence

Technology democratizes wealth. What only the most powerful and wealthy would have 20 years ago, everyone has today. Uber gave everyone a chauffeur. Apple gave everyone a way to video call anyone in the world with a super computer in our pockets. Wikipedia gave everyone a free up to date encyclopedia of knowledge. Google gave everyone instant information. Youtube gave everyone a broadcasting station. Podcasts gave everyone their very own radio station.

But the goal of technology goes deeper. The goal of evolution is to unlimit. The purpose of life is complete freedom. This can be achieved by pursuing the path of self actualization and see your true inner nature, be the best you can be. The job of technology is to remove all hindrances in this path. Technology gives us time to self actualize.

AI will enable everyone to be a Tesla, a Marie Curie, a Da Vinci, a Beatle, a Shakespeare, a Steve Wozniak, a Steve Jobs, a Steven Spielberg or a Gordon Ramsey, it will give us superpowers to help us be the best we can possibly be. It will automate everything that is manual and create enough wealth for all so that humans can have the time and space to pursue self actualization. More importantly, AI will give us the time and space to be truly human.

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